• Real-Life Censorship: Sometimes, you just can't resist letting your favorite four-letter word slip. But foul language at work or in front of the kids doesn't always go over too well. The Bleep! Button allows you to humorously censor yourself with one simple push!
  • Edit the Conversation: Ever wish you didn't have to listen to someone ramble? Now, you don't have to! Drown out your boss, teacher, or significant other with a lighthearted gag that will make them crack a smile. Great for office humor or at-home practical jokes!
  • Customizable Bleeps: With the versatile Bleep! Button, you're in total control! From a quick "beep" that's short and sweet to a long "beeeeeeeeeep," the tones will last for as long as you keep your finger on the button, making this a fun jokes for kids and adults!
  • High Quality Design: To help keep the laughs rolling, we made sure to create a durable, lightweight toy that you can take anywhere. Featuring clear audio sound effects, this is the wacky paperweight that's sure to relieve stress and bring on the fun and smiles!
  • Batteries Included: The Bleep! Button is great for instant fun! Batteries are included with every purchase, allowing you to start using it as soon as it arrives. By bringing TV censorship to your daily life, you'll be the ultimate prankster at home, work, or school!

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